01 May 2005

Blood on peace

As a recent blogger, I've been asked by many: Why start a blog? After all, they tell me, it's a whole lot of people trying to get themselves heard; and, as the media comes in free, they're putting up any old stuff.

More likely, it's putting up with any old stuff, is what I try telling them. That bloggers believe in a sort of democracy, in differing - and sometimes in entirely opposing - points of view; that they approach the media with an open mind, in a participative manner. And, as a fellow blogger, I feel this carries a lot of responsibility.

These feelings and words are really not mine. They belong to the bloggers who pioneered the way for us, and the millions of bloggers who follow this code of ethics everyday. At a personal level, I was particularly moved by an article, Waging Peace, by Rebecca Blood, delivered almost two years ago, which discusses my very feelings and points of view.

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