20 June 2005

Superhero: a generic profile

A superhero, as we know from our comic books, is noted for feats of courage and nobility. He (or she) has abilities beyond normal human beings. He has extraordinary powers – normally physical strength and/or one or a combination of the five human senses. He has mastered fighting and/or thinking skills. And, he usually uses some sort of advanced equipment – made by him or for him by a scientist.

A superhero is also an idealist. He believes in a world which is good – where peace and harmony reigns supreme – but seldom is. He believes in saving this troubled world from evil forces which torment it – sometimes risking his own life – without expecting a reward in return. He believes in a strict moral code which he follows relentlessly, sometimes to the frustration and desperation of others (particularly a girlfriend), and lapsing into the role of a vigilante in an attempt to instil order.

A superhero is also driven by motivation: anger, revenge, justice. Sometimes, even guilt. A childhood traumatic experience, inducing fear, or a calling from a previous birth have also played a part in motivating him. Whatever be the psychographic profile of your favourite superhero, you can’t deny that he takes his responsibility seriously: he’s someone you’d like to have around when things get out of hand. In short, a superhero gives hope.

A superhero also has a catchy name, like Batman or Spiderman, and a matching costume in the superhero’s favourite colour scheme, adorned with a personal logo, fancy gadgets and fighting weapons. Plus, a superhero has a secret identity which very few people around him know.

Most people, whether they’re acquainted with DC and Marvel comics or the recent spate of superhero movies, have their favourite superheroes. Some even want to become one. If you’d like to know which superhero character and costume you’d best fit in, why not try this superhero quiz that The Guardian put together? The result can be fun and interesting.

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