31 March 2006

The rebirth of outrage

Americans seem so friendly by nature, yet they are outraged by the happenings in their own land or around the world. If it isn’t about Iraq, it’s immigration policies. If it isn’t about outsourced jobs to India, it’s abortion. Why is outrage becoming such a defining feature of American life and politics? What causes this outrage? How do Americans respond as outraged citizens of the world?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, you may find the latest print edition of The Economist useful. It carries a story titled ‘The Rebirth of Outrage’ discussing this very issue. “Most Americans pride themselves on their tolerance,” mentions the story, yet “these days all too many American politicians, amateur and professional, are going around the country stirring things up.”

Want to know what America's outrage is all about? Why not read it right here and find out?

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