12 August 2006

True loyalty

True loyalty, like true love, is difficult to find. And, even if it’s found, it’s difficult to keep. For, true loyalty is a burden most of us can’t bear for long. For, true loyalty is a hindrance to our freedom.

Of course, the term ‘loyalty’ by itself means ‘being true or faithful to’. So, perhaps, ‘true loyalty’ is superfluous – a euphemism we can do without. The question is, can we do without loyalty?

Usually, by loyalty we mean commitment – a seamless, boundless, unconditional and dedicated relationship which promises to bring us not just material benefits, and in business a fat profit, but also comfort and happiness.

Of course, we all deserve this. But, we often forget that there’s a price we have to pay for such commitment. A price, that begins as a show of interest, and then builds into a succession of costs as proof of our loyalty.

Certainly, this can’t be our idea of freedom! To be anchored to a relationship and be controlled by it for a lifetime!

Fortunately, life, our partners and our professions – as well as businesses and brands we are affiliated to – offer us incentives from time to time, re-fuelling our commitment and keeping our faith.

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