17 April 2007


As it is with books, blogs are attributed to their authors. Hence, in most cases, authorship in a blog is a deciding factor in the blog’s readership and success.

Since it is difficult to deduce the identity of a blogger from the contents of a blogger’s ‘profile’ page (the ‘profile’ page is rather amateurish in its construction, if you ask me, with lists of books and movies and music leading nowhere in particular), readers try to imagine what the blog’s author is all about from his/her (or their, if it’s a team blog) posts.

That’s because, most readers feel – and deduce – that the blogger is present in the contents of his/her posts. Thereby, acceding to the fact that blogs and blogging are autobiographical in nature.

I believe, since blogs are fragmentary in their construction, unlike books which are complete, it is difficult to imagine the profile of a blogger from his/her posts. As much as readers try to find meaning in the blogger’s words and piece together an identity which is likely to fit the blogger, the blogger, too, experiments with his/her identity and tries to find meaning from these experiments in his/her blog.

And so, over the years, and hundreds of posts, a relationship slowly develops between a blogger and his/her readers.

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