25 March 2008

Learning from Generation Next

Maybe there’s something to learn from Generation Next: their easy acceptance/use of technology; their unabashed habit of going public online with personal information; their online social networking skills; their trust for each other’s recommendations.

What’s fascinating about this is that most of it is accomplished from inside their bedrooms. Some of them, like Ashley Qualls of www.whateverlife.com, have even become millionaires living this lifestyle.

If this is a massive socio-cultural and economic movement knocking on our doors (which is what it seems to be), then it is going to have a huge impact on the world of business. Businesses will follow Generation Next practices and adopt or tailor new product/service offerings to consumers who are waiting eagerly to try out new stuff… and tell their friends about it.

The influence that Generation Next already has – and can have in the future – is, and will be, simply phenomenal. Technology-related products and services are likely to be benefited most – particularly those that offer multimedia options (remixes, mashups, graphics), user-friendly customisation, and encourage creativity, collaboration and communication.

Advertisers and marketers need to understand this generation and this movement, and channelise this huge potential in their favour to get ahead in business. Mind you, Generation Next is not a patient lot. Every moment lost is a missed opportunity.

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