13 April 2009

The question of terrorism

From an economic perspective, India surviving the global economic recession in the coming years seems plausible. In fact, as I’ve tried to explain in my previous post, it seems almost assured. However, there is the question of terrorism.

Everyday there is some report or the other on terrorist activities disrupting – or threatening to disrupt – life in India. Terrorism has become so commonplace that I worry that the people of my country may accept it as they accept the beleaguered traffic on the roads, the power cuts in their homes and offices, or the coming of the monsoons every year. Soon, I fear, terrorism may become a part of the fabric of normal Indian life.

What’s dangerous about terrorism in India is that it is not just an ideological or a political viewpoint, but one that combines the worst of these two with strong religious and ethnic lineage and feelings. Indeed, we have a history to prove it. Since Independence, and much earlier, these feelings and differences have been hard-wired into us – and into Pakistanis – and it’s unlikely that they will be expunged soon.

How much economic disruption and damage can this terrorism cause? I have no answer to that.


C'est Moi said...

I guess you are right,,,we have perhaps come to a point where we have accepted terrorism as a 'something'in our day to day busines. Me being no different. Trigerred a deep thought within,,,thanks

runawaysun said...

C'est Moi, thanks for your comment.

Yes, terrorism now seems to be a part of our normal life. How more distressing can it be!!!

Love your poems.