28 February 2006

The colour of colonisation

It’s true that the Western world has poured in billions of dollars into the developing world. And, I’m not just talking about aid agencies here. Private investors and businesses have done their part too, while keeping an eye on opportunities that promote future markets – and profits – for them. For, the idea of colonisation needs time to take effect. The West knows this. They’ve had practice in the past.

It’s also true that this colonisation has a strong red-white-and-blue feel to it… an US-UK stamp of success, with France hovering somewhere in the periphery to pick up the spoils. It bears the robust mark of capitalism – the only global system that has stood the test of time. It sees opportunities where others fail. It mobilises natural resources and population to deliver the highest returns. It applies science and technology for both human and capital gains.

But what’s most important to remember is that colonisation creates wealth like no other global system does. The further the idea of colonisation spreads, the larger the size of the wealth pie gets. Colonisation is the biggest wealth enabler I’ve seen so far… with the red-white-and-blue being the key enabling power. The more the red-white-and-blue remains engaged in colonisation, the better are our chances of success. And, who can complain about that!

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