20 February 2006

The path of least intellectual resistance

I'm a pessimist. I see doomsday approaching every time there's a war somewhere in the world, or an MNC spreading its wings in my country with an eye on a billion consumers, or when I read about our political leaders and their scams. An alarm goes off inside my head and I immediately take a defensive stance, bemoaning every decision the government takes as unfriendly. But, when it comes to action, I do nothing.

Why do I do this? Why do I assume that everything will go wrong at the slightest provocation? Why do I suffer the role of a doomsayer when I needn't? Why do I do nothing when I should be?

As luck would have it, I took a few days off just to chill… to think things through for myself. A sort of 'time for introspection' you might say. Then, thanks to a few friends, I saw the film 'Rang de Basanti'. And, it wasn't long before a few home truths came to me: Indeed, I am a pessimist and a cynic. I see the faults too quickly, ignoring the benefits. I see the destructive nature of things and do nothing constructive myself. I jump to the negatives, and miss out of the opportunities which exist along with the same negatives.

In short, I take the path of least intellectual resistance. Because, it's easy to do.

Perhaps we should all see 'Rang de Basanti' once again.

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