08 July 2005

A generational issue

The title of this post is not mine. I’ve borrowed it, without permission, from an anonymous visitor to my blog whose comments to my last post carried this phrase. So, dear ‘anonymous’, thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments. Please forgive me for this open plagiarism. If you are reading this post now, then welcome to my blog.

I’m no trend-watcher, nor an anthropologist. And, although I’m not a social commentator by profession, I’ve become one – at least at an amateur level – by virtue of this blog. What gives me this confidence to comment on socio-cultural issues such as the one I wrote about two days ago? Nothing in particular, except that, as a marketing professional, I do keep an eye on changing consumer behaviour – some of which accurately reflect present-day socio-cultural patterns.

But, I’m not alone here. Even the media, including the Internet, post reports similar to the observations I’ve made. Youth Radio has a story here which will give you a glimpse of how young urban women feel today. Yes, the face of the young urban woman is certainly changing. And, we better take notice of it.

Moreover, in this case, the girls I spoke to categorically told me so. Of course, whether a sample of the size I interviewed is representative of the entire universe can always be debated. However, I do concede that suggesting a ‘downward spiral’ in the morals of these young urban women was judgemental. Hence, I apologise.

Perhaps, like my anonymous visitor commented, I suffer from ‘a generational issue’ that colours our thinking. Every generation comments negatively on the next generation, suggesting a downward spiral in standards, morals and cultural purity. As if, the value systems of our civilisations have always been on a decline. If this is true, I wonder how it was when civilisation began – or how it will be 1,000 years from now.

Still, I must clarify: My post of 6 July was not a comment focused on the downward spiral of morals of young urban women. Rather, it was a comment on the influence of advertising and media on these women… Leading to their attraction for – and affinity towards – a Western lifestyle… As if these young urban women were being brainwashed without their knowledge. That, I believe, is a matter of great concern.

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