22 July 2005

It's a responsibility

I am not a media critic, nor an observer of journalism. I’m just trying to make sense of the world. The media interests me. Ever since it became a business – commercialising everything, from news to entertainment, bringing in new technology to increase reach and frequency – I got interested in it. And ever since I began blogging (only recently), it has taken on another form and almost engulfed me.

As a blogger, I’m now a part of the media. My blog is my editorial vehicle and I use it to publish my thoughts to whoever may read it – and comment on it. So now, I’ve become a writer, an editor, a publisher and an opinion leader of sorts. Naturally, my involvement with, and my ideas about, the media are changing.

I can publish my views on a right and a wrong for the world to read. I can give others the ability to see the difference between a right and a wrong by influencing them… No matter how right or wrong I am. Suddenly, my world has expanded. I’m excited by it… and a bit scared. Can I handle this responsibility?

I’m not sure if I can answer this question right away – or answer it at all. But, I realise that this change is happening not just to me, but all around me.

Interestingly, I’m not the only one who feels this. Much of what I’ve been thinking and talking about in the last couple of days has been the point of discussion around the world for a couple of years now. So, I turned to Rebecca Blood, the person who (correctly, whose writing) inspired me to start blogging a few months ago. Here is an article, "A Few Thoughts On Journalism and What Can Weblogs Do About It", from her weblog archives which deals with thoughts similar to mine.

Rebecca Blood’s article also connected me to Jay Rosen, professor of Journalism at New York University, and an article from his blog, "Brain Food for BloggerCon", which was a mind-opener.

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