26 July 2005

There is no news here

Why are you reading this blog? There is no news here.

This blog has been created by me using some free Web tools… and, believe it or not, some intellect and patience. The contents of this blog are my points of view on topics which interest me… seen and read recently or over the years… written, reported and published by many others… and presented here in, what I hope is an, easy-to-understand format.

There are no live reports of bombings or tsunamis here. No coverage of wars or train accidents. No news of political or sports events. Not even reviews of, or comments on, headlines from today’s newspapers. There is no, what you might say, editorial matter for you to chew on.

My blog is planned and planted by me. It is fabricated stuff. It has no connection to the reality outside this Websphere. Its raison d’etre is to engage you for a few minutes. Perhaps entertain you. Give you something to think about. For me, it’s nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you believe you’ve learnt something here, then you’ve been fooled. This is a blog. There is no news here. It’s all made up.

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