18 April 2006

Is raunch counterproductive?

If raunch means sexual freedom through a perfect body, then it automatically rules out half the women in this world. It discriminates against those who do not have a perfect body. It shames these women into thinking – and believing – that they have missed their chance in life. If I were a woman with a not-so-perfect body, I wouldn’t be too happy about this situation.

No matter how confident women feel about this phenomenon, the ‘raunch culture’ is likely to impact women more than men. Yes, of course, men will continue to ogle at scantily-dressed women and think of sex, but of greater importance is how women will feel about being left out or about the ‘raunch culture’ not meeting their expectations.

I mean, can this ‘raunch culture’ really empower women? Can it give them the sexual freedom they desire? Can it make women more successful in their professions? Can it give them control over their lives? Can it propel women onto positions of leadership?

Or, is the ‘raunch culture’ just another way of living out male fantasies? Playing into the male sexual freedom? If that is so, isn’t it counterproductive to the women’s movement?


ichatteralot said...

Maybe it leads to short term gains because all eyeballs are on the person but in the long term it's detrimental to career as the woman in question is considered to be more of a decorative accessory than a person with brains

runawaysun said...

Attention and popularity – these seem to be the immediate benefits. The person may even get a fillip in her job/career. Sometimes, that’s all a person needs. If the woman is capable, she’s likely to do well in the long term. Women with brains have always been a challenge to men – and other women. There are pitfalls there as well.