22 April 2006

Masculine intelligence

Since I’m a man, my views are likely to be male-gender-friendly and invite criticism from women. But I’ll express myself anyway. [So, send in your hate mail when you’re through reading this post.]

I do appreciate the women’s movement’s efforts in seeking and legitimising equality for all women on this planet, but there is one aspect of this equality and freedom-seeking that bothers me. It’s about this ‘thing’ women have about their body. Somehow, many women feel the concept of freedom equals body exposure. Give women freedom and their clothes start getting scantier and/or start coming off.

Would a woman showing a lot of skin have more rights than a woman in a sari? Would she obtain a higher social status compared to other women on this planet? Would she be perceived by men to be of equal intelligence and capability? Would she be considered by men to be equal to them socially, psychologically, financially? Would she be victimised less by men because of her scanty attire and show of skin? I think not.

Then there’s this new ‘raunch culture’ I’ve been writing about: Women, not just in scanty attire, but making out with other women in discos, bars, pubs and parties. Even on videos (though not in India, yet). What is this exhibition, this show of sexual desperation, for? Is it to attract men and gain popularity? Does this kind of behaviour actually elevate women socially or psychologically? Does it make them equal to men? Does it make them more intelligent than men? Once again, I think not.

You don’t see men making out with other men to be sexually, socially, psychologically or financially more attractive to women, do you? In this respect, thank God, men have more intelligence than women.


Anonymous said...

it is really sad that even today women have to prove their intelligence. this is no hate mail or anything but being a woman I jus cudnt stop myself. first of all i dont understand why women with scanty clothes have become an issue now, when they always existed. there were women in 60s and 70s too who used to wear sarees below navel (which is now replaced by low waist jeans), sleeveless/ off shoulder blouses (which is now replaced by similar tees), semi transparent fabrics and so on, they all have always been there.
every woman whether in sari or mini skirt is aware of her rights and freedom. it is jus tat some have the strength to stand for it and some do not, this is a very indiviualistic thing. today women atleast of my generation (in their 20's) do not opt for clothes according to their lengths but for their comfort levels. well this is to justify myself but women who really dress up for men is also an outcome of men's mentality. Like my first statement says even today women have to keep proving their intelligence hance she has to come out with ways that grabs men's attention, which is very depressing way i think though. But i do blame men for the skin show in a way, they like it, they have their nice time, they ask for more and then happily blame the women to show in the first place. well its never the clothes that men are interested in any ways, how many times out of ten have their eyes gone upto the girl's face (irrespective of the attire)? In my defence I say wat is wid men pumping iron and showing off their bare chest? Why do men think that showing off iron pumped arms n silky shiny long hair will make them more attractive to women or anybody who cares about it...
the 'raunch culture' does not exist only within women but also men. i have seen men askin out men at pubs n parties but is it excusable coz they are gays (which has now become a social and sympathetic community)?
In the end, the men v/s women debate is on from adam n eve's time and will last till the last creature on the planet. Thankgod people globally are judged for their intelligence on their individual personalities and not by their gender.

runawaysun said...

Thanks, anonymous, for visiting my blog and for your detailed comment. I really appreciated your points of view, and feel that you have every right to speak out freely, and not just in your defence.

My post was a commentary on the current state of society and the change it is going through. The term ‘raunch culture’ is not mine, but borrowed from recent published writing in the Western press and specifically a book called ‘Female Chauvinist Pigs’ by Ariel Levy (a woman). I decided to post on this topic because I noticed similarities in urban India, where I live.

The books and articles published in the West, many by women authors, are also a reflection of their society, and there is a concern there as well on the cultural change that is taking place. The West also believes that this cultural change is detrimental to their society. In fact, urban Japan is already ahead of India in this ‘raunch culture’. The ‘raunch culture’ is then, perhaps, a global phenomenon – and not one which is a masculine observation, nor one which is confined to India. My post of 27 April, ‘Is this your idea of glamour?’ gives another (British) perspective to this – written by a woman.